In the regions of the world where unrest and conflict are rooted in years of violence, World Relief and its partners provide programs that help communities grow in their capacity to protect one another and promote peace. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable at the grassroots level to train community members to lead themselves and their neighbors towards unity, peace and conflict prevention.

Bibles for Pastors

Pastors in developing countries often lack access to one of the most basic items needed to help them lead their communities—Bibles. Donate Bibles to pastors in vulnerable regions, empowering them to help their congregations spiritually grow and thrive.

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Bikes for Pastors

Because roads in developing regions are sometimes impassable or non-existent, pastors rely upon bicycles to travel to the villages they serve. Donate bikes to help pastors reach people in remote communities.

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Trauma Counseling

For victims of sexual and gender-based violence, trauma counseling helps women begin to heal physically and emotionally. Donate to provide counseling led by women who are themselves survivors of violence.

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Village Peace Awareness Event

In conflict-prone regions, community members need to know how to address conflict and bring resolution. Donate to provide events that help communities spread the word about Village Peace Agents, empowering local leaders to be peacebuilders in their communities.

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