Known for its beautiful rolling hills and magnificent views, Rwanda is nicknamed the "land of a thousand hills." This is also a land that has seen much sorrow and tragedy—with a violent history of genocide in the recent past. This, as well as extreme poverty have left their marks on the country. Many people have physical and emotional wounds and other families face a daily struggle for food, shelter, healthcare and education. While incredible progress has been made in recent years, there remains much work still to be done. Many people continue to suffer emotionally and physically as their families struggle for adequate food, shelter, healthcare, and education.

Since 1994, World Relief has taken up the call to serve in Rwanda. What began as a response to genocide shifted over the years to a focus on long-term development through microfinance, responding to the HIV/AIDS crisis, and helping reduce child mortality. World Relief has helped implement some of the country’s largest child survival programs and leverages its programming experience to increase local church capacity—allowing churches to serve their community’s social, economic, health, and spiritual needs. 


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