India is a country of contrasts – great social and spiritual divides separate rich and poor, men and women, members of high and low castes (classes of Hindu society) and followers of various religions. India has more people living in poverty than any nation on earth. Approximately one-third (418 million people) of India’s population live in extreme poverty.

Over the past 30 years, World Relief has responded to numerous disasters, worked in urban slums and launched a successful microcredit institution, SofMeda, that is now a separate and self-sustaining entity. World Relief currently works in India through the Families for Life program, helping strengthen marriages, protect families, improve health, prevent disease and spread the gospel to multiple grassroots churches in majority non-Christian communities. World Relief's locally-developed curriculum, Sangeetham, focuses on strengthening marriages and reducing HIV by addressing root issues in marriage relationships that lead to unfaithfulness. Furthermore, the curriculum addresses the risky behaviors that lead to other diseases, family conflicts and economic instability.


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