Home to more than 70 million people and over 450 tribes and languages, the Democratic Republic of Congo, referred to affectionately as the Heart of Africa, is rich in resources, culture, and beauty but still carries the scars from ongoing unrest. DR Congo has some of the greatest concentrations of valuable raw minerals in the world, and Eastern Congo in particular is fertile and ripe for agricultural development. Yet, she has been engaged in a cycle of conflict and violence which has cost more than five million lives and kept survivors from being able to realize their full potential.

As tensions have vacillated unpredictably in recent years, World Relief works with local church partners to eradicate the root causes of violence and poverty by increasing agricultural production, offering support to (and fighting stigmas associated with) survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, and establishing Village Peace Committees for community-level conflict mediation. Through the church, there is great hope for sustainable livelihoods and peaceful stability for the people of DR Congo.


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