We are on the ground in the Middle East, Europe and U.S.


Over half the Syrian population has been uprooted by conflict and more than four million people have fled the country. World Relief is working with local churches to provide urgent supplies in Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq meeting practical needs at this critical time. Join World Relief and the Church in the Middle East in supplying temporary shelters, hygiene items and psychosocial counseling for women and children, and more. Together, we can actively love this vulnerable population.


Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled violence in their home country and made the long and arduous journey to Europe. Germany alone will likely become home to over 800,000 Syrians. You can help empower local churches in Europe as they welcome and serve these vulnerable populations, helping them find jobs, acquire a new language, and find housing.


The U.S has a history of resettling refugees: this year, the country will admit as many as 85,000 refugees from various parts of the world. In locations throughout the United States, World Relief partners with local churches to help refugees integrate into our communities, welcoming them as our faith compels us to do and providing help with housing, employment, and cultural adjustment.