Personal attention through the initial DOJ application process for recognition and accreditation

A World Relief staff member will work one-on-one with the member organization to compile the documents necessary for the application of both recognition of the office and accreditation of an individual. The staff will review documents, provide critique, and advise on how to submit the final application. Specific help that will be rendered includes:

  • Step-by-Step guidance/instruction on how to become DOJ recognized and accredited
  • Letter of recommendation from World Relief attesting to on-going legal and technical support
  • Templates for Cover Letter and recommendation letters
  • Resume support
  • Assistance assembling list of library resources
  • Review of budget, funding sources, fee schedule and other required documents
  • Compilation of 501(c)(3) status, letters of incorporation, and organization's constitution
  • Guidance in drafting organizational chart
  • Other assistance as required to assist in obtaining approval of applications

Program Management Support

Members will have access to World Relief staff who will offer guidance in starting up an immigrant legal services program. This will include advice on best practices, as well as sample forms and procedures. Members will also have access to support to help solve ongoing program management issues. 

This counseling may take place while the member is awaiting recognition and accreditation or after recognition is granted. The support will concern basic issues dealt with in opening a sustainable immigrant legal services program. Some of these issues include:

  • How many clients will the program be able to handle?
  • What types of cases should a program take?
  • How does a new program deal with staffing and volunteer issues?
  • How much should a program charge clients for services?
  • Drafting program management documents (for example: retainer agreement, intake form, policies and procedures, closing letter, etc.)

Legal Support

A member will have access to a World Relief immigration attorney who will be available to answer legal questions. This will be personalized attention on a case-by-case basis. Each week members will also have the opportunity to engage in facilitated roundtable group learning session.

If an operating recognized program is seeking accreditation for additional representatives, a staff member will assist in the review and filing of these applications. If accreditation of a member is nearing expiration, World Relief will assist in applying for renewal of accreditation. 

Additional Accreditation Applications 

World Relief will offer quarterly webinars to members to assist in maintaining legal competency. 

On-going Trainings 

World Relief will assist members in researching referrals for local immigrant legal services providers.

Referral System