• World Relief maintains a network of nearly 70 Village Peace Committees, grown out of the local churches, which serve as local mediators. Working with individuals to resolve disagreements at the community level reduced larger scale conflict in and among communities.
    • World Relief’s 2017 local assessment of trauma found that more than 95% of people living in our operating areas have been displaced at least once in their lifetime, and 47% more than once. World Relief’s agriculture and savings work helps vulnerable displaced and returning families to restart their livelihoods.
    • Rape and sexual violence are common weapons of conflict in eastern Congo. World Relief has served more than 3,000 women survivors, providing critical medical (fistula repair), psychosocial reintegration, and livelihoods support.
    • Since the inception of World Relief DRC’s savings program in 2012, 4,710 members of savings groups have been trained and been able to increase their household safety net.