Africa is currently facing the worst food crisis since 1945.

In Kenya’s county of Turkana–one of the hottest, driest regions in the world–well over 100,000 people are hungry and at risk of starvation.

What started as a water shortage in Turkana has escalated into a massive drought and resulting food crisis. Recently the Kenyan government declared a national emergency in response to two years of missed rain in Turkana. The effects of the drought are widespread:

  • Malnutrition has skyrocketed from 14% to 30%, as families are unable to bring food to the table
  • Wells and other water sources have been depleted, as the water table in the region has fallen over 50%
  • 60% of livestock have died due to dehydration and starvation

Take Action:

World Relief is the only non-profit organization with a permanent, long-term presence in Turkana North. Join us in providing immediate food assistance and nutrition outreach to the people of Turkana. Together, we can save lives and make a long-lasting difference in the region.