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Located in East Africa, Kenya’s population currently stands at 45 million, 75-80% of whom live in rural areas and depend on either subsistence agriculture or livestock for their livelihoods. Kenya faces a high dependency burden which places pressing demands on social services including education and healthcare. Food insecurity and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) needs in Northern Kenya remain extremely high.

World Relief's work in Kenya began with an HIV/AIDS prevention program and grew to include initiatives in peacebuilding, savings, agriculture, and disaster response. Along with providing immediate disaster relief to areas suffering from drought, livestock disease and food shortages, World Relief's programs in Kenya have now transitioned to focus on long-term, integrated programs focused on sustainable agriculture, access to water, nutrition, food security, savings and health interventions.


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The Immediate Crisis in Turkana

In Kenya’s county of Turkana–one of the hottest, driest regions in the world–well over 100,000 people are hungry and at risk of starvation.

What started as a water shortage in Turkana has escalated into a massive drought and resulting food crisis. Recently the Kenyan government declared a national emergency in response to two years of missed rain in Turkana.

World Relief is the only non-profit organization with a permanent, long-term presence in Turkana North, Kenya. Join us in providing immediate food assistance and nutrition outreach to the people of Turkana. Together, we can save lives and make a long-lasting difference in the region.

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Economic Development (Agriculture and Savings for Life program)

Church Mobilization

Mobilizing Youth for Life (HIV/AIDS prevention)

Food Security and Water Access

Maternal and Child Health


    • World Relief's programs in Kenya began in 1991.
    • Programs currently reach 558 households in Kenya and 21 farmer groups with skills in agricultural production to boost household food security.
    • 4 boreholes were drilled and sand dams built in Turkana, revitalizing the area with access to water for livestock, domestic use and farming.
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    Elias Kamau, Country Director
    George Shiramba, Programs Director
    Heglon Kitawi, Manager, Church Mobilization
    Mercy Amae, Health Programs and M&E Manager
    Oliver Otsimi, AKAN Program Manager
    Micah Ikachoi, Health Coordinator
    Gladys Ngoshi, Officer, Church Mobilization
    Katapa, Community Health Coordinator, Kajiado County