Health & Child Development

In vulnerable regions around the world, World Relief provides families with access to quality healthcare and health education. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by providing programs that ensure that children are kept alive and healthy, and given every opportunity to thrive.

Alive at 5

Enable World Relief to provide the Alive at 5 education and training program to mothers in vulnerable areas to learn how to keep their children alive, thriving and healthy.

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Mother's Care Group Training

Children in vulnerable regions often struggle to survive because parents lack access to information. Donate to provide “Alive at 5” Care Groups— small groups that educate mothers on practices that prevent disease and help children reach their 5th birthday.

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Cookware & Cooking Demonstration

Families in vulnerable regions often lack the tools necessary to cook safe, nutritious meals, allowing malnutrition and food-borne disease to run rampant. Donate cookware and training, empowering parents to provide the safest and most nutritious meals possible to their children.

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Leader Resources for Kids Clubs

Refugee children don't just lose their homes, they often lose their ability to simply be a child. Donate to provide the resources volunteer teachers need to conduct Kids Clubs in the Middle East, providing safe spaces for displaced children to learn, grow, and play.

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HIV/AIDS Prevention Workshop

In regions where HIV/AIDS continues to devastate communities, education and marital counseling are powerful tools in disease prevention. Donate to provide HIV/AIDS workshops to couples, giving them health information and relational support that dramatically reduces spread of the disease.

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