Help those in Haiti left vulnerable in the wake of Hurricane Matthew


Thank you to all who have generously donated to support the people of Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Your prompt support has been a lifeline to those affected and allowed us to meet our match grant goal of $35,000!

We’re beyond grateful, and at the same time we're aware that there is still much more help needed. If you haven’t already, please consider donating now. If you have already donated, please consider a second donation to Haiti’s hurricane relief efforts, or a general donation to World Relief’s other work around the world. Also, we invite you to share a link to this page with your friends and family.

When you support the people of Haiti through World Relief, you're empowering local churches to directly lead the relief and development efforts for their vulnerable brothers and sisters—providing immediate support to those most impacted and building long-term sustainable change and transformation.

Once again — thank you!


On October 3, 2016, a Category 4 hurricane struck Haiti, a nation with weak infrastructure, inadequate alert systems and environmental degradation. Early reports have suggested widespread damage, flooding, and multiple casualties. Rains and heavy winds are expected to continue, meaning the final impact of this storm will be unknown for some time.

But World Relief has been presented with a unique opportunity to help.


For nearly 30 years, World Relief has organized and partnered with networks of churches in Haiti to meet the physical, spiritual, and development needs of local communities. As the extent of damage and loss of life from Hurricane Matthew becomes clearer, World Relief will work with our network of local church partners (Church Empowerment Zones) in Haiti to serve their fellow Haitian brothers and sisters. Our response will include providing clean drinking water and proper sanitation, assisting with repairs of homes and shelters, and recovering agricultural and livelihood losses. While others will simply deliver aid on the Haitians' behalf, World Relief will include local churches and communities in leading our response, helping Haiti move from a posture of dependency to one of empowerment.

Our friends and partners in Haiti have reported flash floods and mudslides, which have damaged infrastructure, caused a loss of homes, and destroyed gardens and livelihoods. Entire towns have been flooded and destroyed.


A hurricane of this magnitude would be difficult for any nation to contend with. But for a country as vulnerable as Haiti, recovering from yet another natural disaster will be impossible without our help.

The men, women, and children of Haiti need you.

Above photo courtesy European Pressphoto Agency

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