No force is more unstoppable than a woman with deep conviction. 


She’s a teacher, entrepreneur, and peacemaker. She’s an innovator, nurturer, and warrior. And yet, she’s limited by circumstance.

Such circumstances have been cemented over time on many fronts: harmful beliefs, misinterpretations of the Bible, socioeconomics, violence, and war.

World Relief believes there’s no institution more capable of ministering across these fronts than the Church. That’s why we’ve always insisted on working through local churches—caring for victims of gender-based violence, training women as health educators for their community, and teaching women about agriculture and small business. Our churches are also working with adolescent girls, reinforcing the values of self-esteem, continuing school, and responsible decision-making that extends to sexual health. At the same time, men and boys are taught to value and protect the women in their communities.

When women are empowered this way, it’s not just their lives that change—their families and communities are transformed as well. That’s the power of women. That’s why we thank God for women.

World Relief considers it a holy responsibility to partner with local churches all over the world who seek to educate, resource, and lift up women to do remarkable things in their communities. To change circumstances so completely requires a holistic approach, and can take generations. But it’s the most sustainable, long-lasting way to create a better world.

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