Home to more than 70 million people and over 250 tribes and languages, DR Congo is a country rich in history and agriculture. But its history is marred by cycles of violent conflict and years of exploitative colonial rule, so today this beautiful country overflows with refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). In a country that is one of the poorest on earth—and especially in the areas in which millions have felt the cruel fate of a conflict and post-conflict reality—the needs of DR Congo are great.

As tensions have vacillated unpredictably in recent years, World Relief works with local church partners to eradicate the root causes of violence and poverty by increasing agricultural production, offering support to (and fighting stigmas associated with) survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, and establishing Village Peace Committees for community-level conflict mediation. Through the church, there is great hope for sustainable livelihoods and peaceful stability for the people of DR Congo.


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Church Mobilization/Integral Mission

Response to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
(including HIV/AIDS prevention)


Food Security/Agriculture

Economic Development (Savings for Life program)


    • World Relief's programs in DR Congo began in 2001.
    • 6,050 farming households are served through The Food Security program.
    • In 2015, nearly 1,500 church and community leaders were trained in basic conflict transformation. Village Peace Committees serve as local mediators, working with individuals to resolve disagreements. Maintaining peace at the grassroots level decreases the chance that conflict will erupt on a larger scale.
    • With over 74,000 people in DR Congo living with HIV/AIDS, World Relief works with local churches to teach young people about the consequences of HIV/AIDS, offers support to those impacted and reduces the stigma associated with the disease.


    Jean Nyandwi, Country Director
    Kapalata Ndashimye, Program Coordinator
    Pastor Marcel Serubungo, Church Mobilization/Empowerment Manager
    Dr. Esperance Ngondo, Health Officer – SGBV & HIV/AIDS
    Joseph Ntabala Kelegamire, Food Security & Savings Program Manager