Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, World Relief is ready to repond quickly and effectively to meet the immediate needs of those affected, as well as provide long term solutions of ongoing development. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by being adequately prepared for disasters before they happen, and fully equipped to spring into action when they do.


In regions where cold winter weather will be arriving soon, owning a blanket can be the difference between life and death. Donate blankets to provide warmth and protection to children and adults vulnerable to the cold this winter season.

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Temporary Shelter Kit

Kit Shelter - Natural disasters like Hurricane Matthew in Haiti and the earthquake in Ecuador have left many families without a home, unprotected against the elements. Donate temporary shelter kits that provide families with tarps and household goods they'll need to survive.

Emergency Food Supply

Failed crops have led to massive food shortages throughout Southern Africa. Many children are eating less than one meal a day. Donate to provide emergency food supplies, ensuring that children have enough to eat each day.

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Responding Where Most Needed

The most effective way for us to respond to a crisis is to be ready for it before it happens. Donate to provide World Relief with the resources that allow us to quickly respond whenever and wherever crises strike.

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