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When disaster strikes—specifically in already-vulnerable regions—World Relief responds by providing immediate aid and working with the local communities to develop and provide programs that will allow these regions to address the crisis head-on so that they begin to thrive once again.

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Ecuador Earthquake (2016-Present)


On April 16, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck coastal Ecuador. Within weeks, the death toll surpassed 659 people and over 27,000 people injured. According to UN reports, approximately 26,640 people are now living in provisional shelters and it is estimated that 720,000 people are in need of assistance. Homes and sources of livelihoods have been severely damaged or destroyed. The earthquake has ruined basic infrastructure, including piping for drinking water, sewerage, and electricity. In addition, The National Risk Management Secretariat have indicated that 250,000 children are estimated to have increased vulnerability as a result of the earthquake. The assessment conducted by our local partner in Manta found that 40% of the children living in the community shelter have been orphaned, increasing their risk of abuse. 

Current Response:

World Relief, with Integral Alliance members, is supporting local partners to respond to the needs of communities affected by the earthquake. Our local partners are utilizing links provided by local churches, who have a long term presence in some of the most affected locations to provide provide food, water and hygiene assistance, as well as psychosocial support for children. In addition, the project will provide awareness raising and support training for children to avoid the heightened risk of sexual abuse.

Take Action:

Help World Relief support the work of our local partners in Ecuador by making a one-time financial gift, which will be directed to our partners  on the ground who are deploying aid and development in the weeks and months to come. It will likely be years before this region of Ecuador fully recovers from the earthquake. But with your gift, you can stand with the vulnerable, helping World Relief provide short term aid and long-term development for the Ecuadorian people.


Floods in Myanmar (2015-Present)


Heavy monsoons and rising floods across Northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar have forced millions of people from their homes. Hundreds more have lost their lives throughout the region.

Current Response:

World Relief is currently focusing its emergency response efforts in Myanmar, working alongside partner organizations to provide life-saving food supplies for families displaced by the floods. World Relief is committed to providing immediate support to those most impacted by the floods, while strengthening their communities from the risk of future disasters.


World Relief, with Integral Alliance partners and other local partners, have provided materials for 28 hand-pump tube wells to be constructed in five of the most in-need villages in the Pwint Phyu area, as well 250 water filters to 173 families across four villages. 

During the initial response, World Relief supported efforts to distribute rice and oil rations to 700 households in Gwe and Set Tan villages. 

Once initial needs were met in coordination with other agencies, World Relief and local partners shifted focus to the second phase programming to agricultural recovery. In partnership with East West Seeds and implementing partners, 400 farmer families in 12 villages received 5 different types of vegetable, and technical training on the appropriate planting of these short-grow seeds. 

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Will you stand with World Relief as we respond to families impacted by floods in Myanmar?

Your prayers and support will make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in this region.


Syria / Iraq Refugee Crisis (2015-Present)


Civil war in Syria and the rise of militant groups like ISIS in both Syrian and Iraq.have led to the greatest refugee crisis since World War II. Since fighting began, nearly half of Syria’s population is thought to have been displaced or killed. Four million Syrians have now taken refuge in neighboring countries like Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon, struggling to build new lives for themselves in regions far from home.

Current Response:

Through partnerships with local organizations and churches, World Relief is providing non-temporary shelters, hygiene items, and trauma therapy to displaced Syrian and Iraqi refugee families, as well as sponsoring child-friendly spaces for mothers and children.

Take Action:

Lean more about the refugee crisis and how you can help bring help and hope to refugee families.