The world is facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II, with nearly 60 million individuals globally forcibly displaced from their homes because of persecution and violence. As leaders, we have an opportunity to educate our congregations, shape perspectives, spark conversations and move to action. But this particular journey provides some unique challenges. If you're willing to join thousands of leaders around the country as we lead God's people towards his truth and heart for refugees, please explore this guide. We pray that it might be a blessing to you and your congregation.

Download A Church Leader's Tool Kit on The Syrian Refugee Crisis



Who are refugees? What are the real risks involved in welcoming them? How do we balance compassion and security?

Seeking Refuge offers a unique perspective on the global refugee crisis from a Christian worldview and helps readers answer real questions about it. Drawing from history, public policy, psychology and their own personal stories, authors Bauman, Soerens and Smeir provide a nuanced and compelling portrayal of refugees. Seeking Refuge highlights the extraordinary opportunity all of us have to love our neighbors as ourselves.

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