One Million Thumbprints

Every day, millions of women experience violence as a result of conflict and war. These women survive only to endure devastating physical and psychological trauma as they are left crippled and shamed from their communities. In the DRC alone, 7 out of 10 women have experienced sexual violence, and yet, these cases continue to go unreported. These women are labeled as helpless, despite their ability to assist in recovery and take on leadership roles in peace-building efforts.

In the time leading up to International Women's Day on March 8th–when a group of 14 climbers will summit Mount Kilimanjaro–World Relief will be partnering with One Million Thumbprints to envision a world where women are free from the fear of violence, oppression and poverty caused by war.

We invite you to learn more about One Million Thumbprints and add your thumbprint to join peacemakers from all across the world who are breaking the silence and encouraging the UN to continue the support and work towards protecting women and girls against violence in war zones.